Astral Body. Main course

2nd Course of the Main Department “Liberation of consciousness”: Astral Body

This course covers management of emotions by working with the Astral body.

What do emotions mean to people?
To answer this question, try to imagine yourself without them. And not only yourself, but other people too. Everything appears to be normal: body, sensations, thoughts, experiences, opinions, beliefs, values, habits… But nevertheless something is gone – those are desires, passions, feelings of grief, joy, hope and fleeting anticipation of something good. In this state, one may not experience happiness either… Without emotions, such people are no longer humans, but more akin to biorobots.

Human life is not conceivable without emotions, because they paint it in colours and shades. In addition, emotions are also the building blocks for human wishes and desires.

What is a person without desires? Would you pursue any personal goals in this life if you did not really want anything? If only the “I must” was present in life, but not the “I want”?

2nd Main Course – Astral Body

4 days of basic classes for the 2nd year of the Main department “Liberation of Consciousness». 

At these stage we take an in-depth look at such topics as: managing emotions, working with the astral body, conscious dreaming, astral projections and astral cleansing.
Duration: 4 days.
Admission prerequisites: completed 1st course of the Main department (Etheric body).

Body of emotionsCourse program:

  • learning to separate your desires from other people’s desires and those imposed from the outside;
  • self-control of emotions;
  • practical work in the astral body;
  • Astral cleansing – release of subconscious resources;
  • conscious dreaming;
  • reprogramming skills;
  • correct formation of desires;
  • liberation of one’s consciousness from fears and consequences of emotional traumas;
  • explore mechanisms of natural realization of desires.

In magic, the Astral plane  it is the sphere of human emotions – it is an endless resource of energy, the space of realisation and the connection with “neighbours” – the realms of various forms of life. The ability to expand one’s astral body and to overcome the boundaries of the astral space is a necessary and mandatory skill for every practicing magician.

This seminar will be available in English soon! Stay tuned!

In order to participate in online group session or to purchase pre-recorded videos contact school coordinator Diana – diana@mage.scool.  

Emotions and desires

     The sensations formed in the Etheric body are the source of nourishment for all the higher spheres of our consciousness. And the next step in evaluating, transforming and converting this refined energy is an emotional response. The attitude to a particular sensation is instantaneous and automatic. These are simple reactions that are conditioned by two mechanisms: the vital and creative. 

  In terms of vitality, the sensation is rated on a “dangerous-safe” scale, which corresponds to “scary-pleasant” in the internal world. If the sensation is assessed as dangerous, an automatic, nature-driven action follows. For example, when touching a hot object, you pull your hand away faster than you realize that it is hot. This prevents too much exposure, which could have irreversible consequences. If the intensity is lower and the sensation is weaker, the situation is assessed as non-critical on the safety scale. In this case, it is possible to recognise and evaluate what is happening. 

      As you continue your contact with the source of the sensation (hot but not traumatic), you can rate it on the second scale. It’s a scale of creative expediency. It evaluates the signal on a “boring – interesting” scale. If the interaction is safe, you can see whether the cup contains tea or coffee. Understand this and decide whether to take the action (drink or refuse). 

       Now we have transitioned to the main part – the mechanisms of emotional response and desire formation. Astral reactions are the most ancient and fundamental forms of reaction, which are present even in the simplest organisms. Even a single-celled creature reacts clearly to an aggressive environment, seeking, to the best of its ability, to end contact with a dangerous neighbor. And if there is something nearby that can be eaten, you can be sure that all efforts will be made to get closer to the food. Biological responses have been perfected over millions of years. Through evolution, living organisms have retained the best and most efficient. Today, sophisticated biological response mechanisms have become a unique defense system. It helps animals to survive, while humans can avoid danger and choose the least costly way to fulfill their desires.

     Biologically, Astral response is a source of drive – movement, creating in the psyche and physical body the preconditions for the performance of an act. In the physical body there is a massive release of hormones and other biologically active substances that prepare the body for energy expenditure. At the next stage biochemical reactions lead to the breakdown of molecules and the release of energy which will be used for the performance of an act. From the side of mental processes, Astral reaction signals about the quality of the contact, predetermining further features of interaction.

     But is it only the external world that can be a source of sensation for human beings? Of course not. The cause of vivid sensations and emotions can be the inner world and the physical body of a person. Thoughts, memories, ethical issues can all cause emotions and vivid experiences. In order to maintain the vitality of the physical body, its needs must be met. Changes in physical well-being can be recognised through changes in sensation. For example, when blood glucose levels drop, we feel hungry. At first, the intensity is low and it is possible to continue what we have started. After a while, the sensation intensifies, the attention will be diverted from the activity, but for a while we can still concentrate on what is happening with our willpower. 

     However, when the need for energy becomes critical, an irresistible desire for food will arise. This desire will be the impetus for finding food. And the more acute the feeling of hunger, the more effort will be put into satisfying that feeling. Compare the desire to eat sushi with the desire to satisfy a few days of hunger. Sushi can wait until a convenient moment, but if hunger has been haunting you for a long time, there can be no inaction. 

   Anyone who has tried to fast consciously knows that the feeling of hunger is perceived differently depending on one’s inner motivation. For example, refraining from food during fasting or therapeutic fasting is perceived much easier than forced fasting due to lack of food. Such a variety of responses is due to the fact that in addition to biological motivations, social and spiritual motivations play a crucial role in human consciousness

After completing the 2nd Main Course it is recommended to study the rest of the modules in the following sequence:

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