Руны и Боги - 2 курс, рунический факультет школы Меньшиковой. Боги Скандинавского пантеона, рунические формулы, вязи, рунические ритуалы

Runes and Deities Course

After mastering the Elder Futhark runes, students move on to acquiring the skills of working with runic formulas, study the Norse deities and learn to work on their channel.

The Runes and Deities Course covers the following topics:

  • How the Tree of Yggdrasil works.
  • How to understand and construct runic formulas and bind-runes.
  • How to perform a runic ritual.
  • How to create runic amulets and talismans.
  • Calculating and understanding an individual runic code (IRC). More
  • How to construct an individual runic talisman of power.
  • How to work with the Scandinavian gods and goddesses.

северные боги

Beginning with the fourth class, students study in depth the Norse legends and myths, learn to see the hidden meaning and the messages encoded in them. Each deity gives his or her channel of power and special formulas related to this channel are studied to enhance the work and the results.

As a result, each student finds his or her own unique channel and gains the opportunity to work with the forces of the Scandinavian pantheon.

The course is long and extensive. After each class, some time (from 3 days to 1 month) is given for independent work.

Runes and Deities Course consists of 37 modules learnt in the following sequence:

  1. Introductory Lesson. The Structure of Runic Magic 
  2. An Individual Runic Code: Calculation and Understanding 
  3. An Individual Runic Amulet Based on the IRC. Rules for Making Amulets and Talismans 
  4. The God Odin 
  5. The God Thor 
  6. The God Týr
  7. The God Heimdallr
  8. The God Loki 
  9. The God Njörðr
  10. The God Freyr
  11. The Goddess Freyja
  12. The Goddesses Sif and Iðunn
  13. The Goddess Frigg 
  14. The God Baldr 
  15. The Goddess Hel 
  16. The Norns 
  17. The God Mímir 
  18. Kvasir
  19. The God Bragi 
  20. The God Höðr
  21. The God Hermóðr
  22. The God Viðarr
  23. The God Váli
  24. The God Ullr 
  25. The God Forseti 
  26. The Goddess Skaði
  27. The Goddess Sága 
  28. The Goddess Eir 
  29. The Goddess Gefjon
  30. The Goddess Fulla 
  31. The Goddesses Vár and Vör
  32. The Goddesses Sjöfn and Lofn 
  33. The Goddesses Syn and Hlín
  34. The Goddess Snotra 
  35. The Goddess Gná
  36. Valkyries 
  37. Ragnarok.