Runes Department

The runes are one of the branches of the ancient magical practices and constitute a completely holistic discipline: just as the small is a part of the great reflecting all its properties.

At Menshikova School, students learn the runes not as a tool for divination and prediction – this would be too little for such a deep subject as runic magic. Here, the runes are studied as a description of the world order, a description of all the energy-information processes – from the structure of human consciousness to the structure of consciousness of the universe, which are the same thing.

A modern master of the runes, like any other magician of the present, uses thousands of years of knowledge while keeping in mind that he creates skill and knits the runes not in an ancient tower standing on the top of a rock. He lives in a high-rise building of a metropolis in the era of worship of the gods of technical progress. Just like a thousand years ago, at the present time a master of the runes weaves the fabric of reality based on the same principles as his distant predecessors. 

Students of the Runic Department comprehend these principles, reveal them in themselves and for themselves.

Runic magic is not straightforward.

It combines both magical (informational) and shamanic (energy) principles, not dividing them but uniting them.

The task of a practicing magician is not only to maintain and restore the sacred order of the universe, but also to make the appropriate changes of his own free will. Runes is one of the most powerful methods for such an act.

The runes allow the magician to move simultaneously in two directions.

First, it is an energy work that allows you to comprehend the secrets of nature and the hidden worlds that are on the other side of reality.

Secondly, this is the path of the deepest transformation of one’s own personality, the path of development of intellect and intuition to the degree of absolute understanding and control of these forces. 

Any magical practices will be working only when these two paths converge at one point in the mind of the magician. These two paths can be defined as “wisdom” and “inspiration”.

Wisdom is knowledge and information. But not only in theory, but also in applied sense – wisdom allows someone to correctly apply knowledge.

Inspiration is power, energy and desire. No transformation is possible without them, no magical practice can be performed.

These two paths are inseparable. Runic magic is always result oriented. And, most importantly, the power of the runes can stimulate the magician to a constant search. There is no end to this search, and therefore a rune researcher determines his success with the result achieved and an understanding of the quality of the changes made.

More information about learning the runes at Menshikova School can be found in our “A Student’s Guide: Runic Department”.

There are 3 courses at the  Runic Department:

  • Runes 1: Elder Futhark 
  • Runes 2: Runes and Gods
  • Runes 3: Runes and Elements

Admission to the 1st course of Runes department (Elder Futhark): completed 2nd Main course (4 days) of the Main department (Astral Body).

These courses will be available in English soon! Stay tuned!

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