The Power of the Bloodline, AD LIB Department.

The Power of the Bloodline

This series of three seminars continues the book “The Power of the Bloodline” written by Ksenia Menshikova.

The following topics are covered during this course:

– The family structure
– Kin as egregor
– Distribution of the energy currents in the family
– Each relative’s place in the family structure
– A Regina of the kin. Who is she and how to figure her out
– Regina’s functions, rights and obligations
– Calculation of the family karmic algorithm
– Currents of power. Which of them is principal
– Karmic enemies
– How to attract the currents of power to the family
– Practice “Retrieving the desired stream of power by connecting with the Founder”
– Answers to the questions of the participants.

This course is recommended mostly for women, but men are also welcome to participate.

Admission: 1st Main Course should be completed to participate in the third class.

Duration: 3 days for 3 hours. Breaks between each class are taken to do one’s own research.