Goals and Values. AD LIBITUM Department. AD LIB Department. Change the line of your fate.

Goals and Values

This is a unique seminar that helps to dissolve the events prescribed in life as mandatory. Rewiring of the connections between the values ​​(the buddhic body) and the goals (the mental body) changes the fate line.

The future life is thus freed up from the obligation to unfold according to the prescribed scenario, correcting the mistakes made by one’s parents. The influence of the system is removed.

Those students of Menshikova School who took part in this seminar have achieved substantial success in life, completely or partially rewriting their fate and changing their karma.

A bonus lecture on egregors is included in the seminar. It is crucially important to thoroughly complete all the exercises and homework assigned as part of the seminar.

Admission: no prerequisites.

Duration:  4 days