School Talks

They are meetings in the form of discussions on specific topics. School Talks are led by a mentor of the Menshikova School who will answer  previously submitted questions as well as questions that are asked during the meeting.

Advance registration is required for participation. In order to participate in School Talks submit your request via the Schedule along with your pre-prepared questions to the mentor related to the topic.
You can send your pre-prepared questions related to the topic of the School Talks in the registration form, or ask questions directly to the Mentor during the meeting.

School Talks attendance policy: School Talks are freely available for everyone without any conditions and restrictions.

Attendence is free of charge.

After clicking on the link, you must turn off your video camera and microphone and click the “Join” button


Club Sessions

Club sessions are held on a regular basis. These are, in fact, self-contained free lessons  that allow you to reinforce the skills that you have learned in the courses and seminars. Here you can ask questions to the Mentors and get feedback.

After the 1st Course, it involves working with attention and sensations. After the 2nd Сourse – the Cleansing of the Astral Body. After the 3rd Course – the analysis of rigid mental structures and working with the word. The more words you understand, the more effective your work at the 3d Course will be. The duration of every session is 2 hours.

Admission: Clubs are available only for the students of the Menshikova School! Attendance is free of charge.

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About the Menshikova School

The School is created for those in search of answers to their questions, searching for sacred knowledge and for those trying to overcome the boundaries of their ordinary being. For people who think and comprehend, and want to reveal the hidden potential within them.

The School unveils the mysteries of the magical interactions of Elemental forces, of the ancient magic of Runes, and of the system of Tarot. All of this is designed to transform the consciousness and form a magical worldview.

Ksenia Menshikova is the founder and head of the School, author of books on the development of magical abilities

Purpose and Objectives of the School

To pass on to students the knowledge that will help them to reveal and develop their magical abilities based on their individual characteristics.

Magical consciousness is not a gift from above. It is the result of self-transformation by means of one’s will and mind.

The School has several departments covering different disciplines: 
Main Department “Liberation of Consciousness”
Elements Department
Runes Department
Tarot Department
Ad Libitum Department

Additional information:  

School’s Forum “Magic United”.