На факультете "AD LIB" работа по дополнительным задачам, направленным на раскрытие силы своего сознания. Перечень внепрограммных семинаров

Extracurricular seminars

Description of  the AD LIB Department

At the Department “AD LIB” we work with additional tasks aimed at discovering the force of one’s own consciousness.

The Department includes the following directions:

1. Parent programmes (for participation it is necessary to master the 1st and 2nd courses of the main Department).

2. The power of Bloodline (it is recommended to master the 1st course of the main Department).

3. Adequate energy exchange (does not require training in the basic courses).

4. Goals and Values (does not require training in core courses).

5. Magic in Questions and Answers (does not require training in core courses).

6. General Theory of Magic (recommends systematic mastery of the core Department courses).